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About Zamaan's

Zamaan has a very inviting and relaxing environment. Their premium house blends of hookah are unlike anything in NYC. The full bar offers Fairly priced drinks and hookahs while the kitchen menu offers good food that make Zamaan an ideal hangout for anyone who is a hookah enthusiast or just looking for a drink and a meal. Zamaan’s menu is perfect for anyone looking for a good time in Williamsburg and is on a budget, the menu offers a range of food from tasty American burgers to authentic Lebanese dishes, hookahs with water, juice or liquor bases and fresh fruit mixes with only the finest tobacco. Zamaan is Located in trendy Williamsburg on Broadway and Keap Street. Zamaan fits right into the mold of Williamsburg with live Djs playing chill music to fit the atmosphere.

Zamaan also offers a completely re-done patio with a retractable roof and heating lamps where hookah, drinks and food can also be enjoyed no matter the weather. Zamaan has recently added a satellite dish to their repertoire so sports enthusiasts can catch their favorite games while enjoying hookah. Zamaan is available for private parties as well and has a lower level ideal for any occasion. Just visit the contact page of this site to book your private party or come in and speak to the friendly staff and manager.

Food Menu

  • Vegetarian Delights

    • 1. Hummus - $5
      Pureed chickpea dip with tahini, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil (spicy or regular)
    • 2. Babaganouj - $6
      Zesty roasted eggplant dip with tahini, garlic, leamon juice and extra virgin olive oil
    • 3. Grape Leaves - $5
      Tender vine leaves, hand rolled with rice, chickpeas and herbs
    • 4. Falafel - $5
      Croquettes of ground checkpeas fried to a golden brown
    • 5. Fattoush - $8
      Lebanese original, romaine lettuce with vine tomatoes, cucumbers, inions, parsley, Served with Rashic Sumac dressing and pita chips
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  • Signature Sides

    • 1. Fresh Cut Fries - $4
    • 2. Sweet Potato Fries - $4
    • 3. Buffalo Wings - $6
    • 4. Kibbe Balls - $2
    • 5. Mozzarella Sticks - $5
    • 6. Onion Rings - $4


    • 1. Baklawa - $4
    • 2. Cheese Cake - $4
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  • Zamman Plates

    • 1. Zamaan Burger - $12
      Classic Mediterranean flavors, your choice of ground lamb or ground chicken, accentuated with aromatic spices, refreshing yogurt and cucumber sauce
    • 2. La Rouge Burger - $11
      Full-Flavored ground rib eye, caramelized re onion, and gruyere cheese
    • 3. Shroom Burger - $10
      Grilled portobello muchrooms, roasted pepper, arugula, fresh mozarella and balsalmic reduction
    • 4. Lebanese Style Shish Kebab - $11 (wrap, 8)
      Skewers of tender marinated leg of lamb
    • 5. Shish Taouk - $10 (wrap, 8)
      Skewers of gilled, seasoned chicken breast
    • 6. Kafta Kebab - $10 (warp, 8)
      Skewers of grilled ground beef with minced onion, parsley and mild spices
    • 7. Grilled Shrimp - $11
      Grilled shrimp marinated in lemon, garlic, and parsley
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